Technical implementation

Indexing Ordinals

We are in the process of developing custom indexers, essentially Bitcoin nodes designed to index the Ordinals and interpret BRC-20-defined protocols. Additionally, we have implemented customization to include ETH receiving addresses as metadata when recording 'transfer' on BRC-20 protocols for bridging functionality purposes.

Multi-Signature Validation

Multi-signature validation processes each inscription within the bundle, deducting gas fees and distributing them among validators based on their Bitcoin addresses. Valid operations in the Bitcoin network trigger multi-signature validation, updating the state and address balances in the Ethereum network. The validation degree and consensus mechanism are adjustable based on the system's security requirements

Factory Smart Contract

On the Ethereum side, we are actively developing a permissionless smart contract responsible for minting wrapped tokens on the ETH chain. As an integral step in our bridging process, the factory smart contract will dynamically create a token contract mirroring the original BRC-20 token name, prefixed with the letter "w" to signify its status as a wrapped asset.

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