Syscoin Explained

About Syscoin

Syscoin is a mainnet Bitcoin L2 that provides a data availability protocol that scales, making EVM and AltVM rollups on Bitcoin a reality. Merge-mined by over half of Bitcoin's network, Syscoin anchors rollups to Bitcoin's own Proof-of-Work and works with rollups’ existing sequencer architectures.

One such rollup is Rollux, an EVM-equivalent OPStack with 2 second blocktimes and negligible fees, which is live.

zkDA and Trustless Interoperability

Syscoin is currently pioneering zkDA, an upcoming solution that will make Data Availability cross-chain interoperable through ZK light clients. This will make it easy for other blockchains to tap into Syscoin's DA and ultimately Bitcoin's PoW, and to trustlessly interoperate with other ecosystems that do the same.

Data Availability, and scaling DA, requires preventing the risks of impact from chain re-orgs. Syscoin solves this with a finality mechanism of multi-quorum chainlocks. This creates an additive security layer on top of Bitcoin's PoW. Served by 1,600 randomly selected Sentry nodes, this practically eliminates the risks of re-orgs, 51% attacks and selfish mining, without involving slashing.

Don't blow your finite BTC on gas fees! $SYS is a utility-focused native coin, based upon EIP-1559. SYS incentivizes Bitcoin miners to keep supporting Bitcoin indefinitely into the future despite diminishing BTC rewards. It also incentivizes Syscoin's Sentry nodes.

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