Staking And Rewards

Staking offers a dual-benefit scheme. Firstly, participants receive rewards in the form of APR, incentivizing their engagement. Secondly, staking tokens grant users access to the required Tier for participation in IDO fundraises. This mechanism encompasses five staking durations, ranging from 30 to 360 days.

Noteworthy is the correlation between lockup duration and rewards: longer lockup periods correlate with higher APR and higher Tier Staking multipliers. Consequently, participants ascend to higher staking Tiers, translating to amplified individual allocations in IDO fundraises.

Staking Time and Rewards:

  • Lockup: 30 days, APR: 1%, Tier Staking Multiplier: 1x

  • Lockup: 60 days, APR: 3%, Tier Staking Multiplier: 1.2x

  • Lockup: 90 days, APR: 5%, Tier Staking Multiplier: 1.4x

  • Lockup: 180 days, APR: 8%, Tier Staking Multiplier: 1.6x

  • Lockup: 360 days, APR: 12%, Tier Staking Multiplier: 2x

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