Sign Up & Earn Points

Step-By-Step on how to earn points:

  1. Sign-up to to our referral program. You must sign-up using your Email, Twitter/X account or Discord. The link is available on our Website.

Once you have signed-up you will then see the page below — Where you will be able to View your earned points, and the tasks to execute to accrue points. The tasks include: Inviting a friend and Tweeting Daily.

2. Invite Early, Invite Often:

The earlier you invite users, the more points you accrue. Your network grows, and so does your potential for higher-tier benefits. Click on invite a friend — once you click on “invite a friend” you will be given a special link to begin inviting. There is no cap on how many friends you invite and as such for each friend you invite and they sign up, you earn 10 points daily. The more points you gather, the more you benefit.

3. Now that you have discovered the tweet link, Gain more points by making tweets daily. It is that simple ! Once you have made the tweet, copy the link of the tweet and then click “verify Tweet”. Accumulate points not just from invites but also from daily social engagement. Strategize for Optimal Tier Placement:

You can then add the link to your tweet to the Tweet ID section where you can post the url link. Once completed Click verify. Repeat on a daily basis and you will earn 10 points every day (Every tweet = 10 points).


You will not be able to be whitelisted or benefit from the referral system if you have not inputted your Wallet address. Connect to your desired wallet and input your 0x address into the field “Wallet address”.

Congratulations! You now have planned your referral strategy to ensure optimal tier placement for the Ordify IDO and to reap the benefits. Remember, Higher tiers bring additional perks and privileges — make the most of it!

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