Referral Program

Ordify will have a referral program for all users who sign up. Sybil protections are in place as users will need to signup using an email account. Users will be able to increase their rewards each time by tweeting predefined texts/posts about Ordify or by continuously referring a friend. This will ensure constant and gradient growth for the Ordify platform and thus increase user holdings and keep users constantly participating.

How does it work?

Accrue Points, Ignite Rewards:

The process is straightforward yet impactful. When you invite a user who signs up, you receive a whopping 10 points daily. The earlier you bring in your friends, the more points you accumulate. Moreover, every verified tweet about the Ordify referral program earns users an extra 10 points (please note: tweeting is limited to once per day). Your earlier tweets will continue to amass points, giving you an edge in the referral race.

Unlock the Power of Points:

Engaging in our referral program offers a range of benefits to enhance your experience with us. By earning points, you gain eligibility for participation in the Ordify IDO on our platform. Your accumulated points determine your tier, reflecting your dedication to our growing community. Since there's no initial token for our launch, participation hinges on your accumulated pointsβ€”the more points you gather, the higher your tier.

Furthermore, should we opt for additional launches on our platform before our token goes live, this benefit extends to those launches as well. Referral program participants will receive allocations based on their points.

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