RootStock Explained

What is RootStock?

Rootstock's full technology stack is built on top of bitcoin: From Rootstock smart contracts to the Rootstock Infrastructure Framework. The stack is designed to create a more fair and inclusive financial system.

RSK is the Smart Contract platform of Bitcoin. Its engine is a forked version of the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and the RVM (RSK Virtual Machine) is compatible with Ethereum Smart Contracts and the tools used to deploy and interact with them.

The Smart Bitcoin (RBTC) is the native currency in RSK and it is used to pay for the gas required for the execution of transactions. It is pegged 1:1 with Bitcoin, which means in RSK there are exactly 21M RBTC.

This Stack will empower us to integrate and build on the Rootstack layer to be compatible on multiple layers of the bitcoin network.

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