Rollux Explained

About Rollux

Rollux is an EVM-equivalent OPStack rollup that is live on mainnet and secured by Bitcoin’s miners through Syscoin. This rollup provides 2 second blocktimes, negligible fees, and supports successive layers on top, aka “fractal scaling”. While much of its design is based on Optimism, Rollux stands apart by serving as a rollup on Bitcoin through Syscoin’s merge-mined data availability protocol.

Rollux makes possible practically limitless throughput by supporting additional DA layers and application layers on top such as L3s, L4s, anchoring all of this to Syscoin’s DA and ultimately Bitcoin’s PoW.

The sequencers supporting Rollux are operated by the Syscoin Foundation until such time as sequencing is decentralized.

Low Gas Fees

Rollux’s low fees are made possible by taking advantage of the block subsidy flexibility that Syscoin gains from merged mining. Syscoin’s low cost is carried into its UTXO-based data availability market which Rollux is built to use. This translates to you enjoying low fees and better support for a wider variety of use cases.

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